The police’s lost property office

If you have lost or left something at the airport or on the plane on arrival at Copenhagen Airport, there is a chance that it has been handed in to the police.

From the airport lost property to the police

48-72 hours after being handed in, lost property is handed over to the police lost property office. 

How the police register lost property

If there is any ID with your item, the police register it by your date of birth and name. A mobile phone is registered by its IMEI number. Laptops, iPads, tablets, cameras and the like are registered by their serial number and make.

Clothing, books, glasses, bags and the like are stored but not registered. 

Storage of lost property by the police

Clothing, books, glasses, headsets, bags (without ID, money, etc.) and the like are stored but not registered. Anything containing ID/authorisation, money, jewellery, mobile phones or laptops, etc., is stored for 3 months.

Collection of items from the police

You can pick up your lost property from the police in person on production of ID/authorisation or have the item sent to you subject to shipping costs. Wallets and loose ID cards will be sent to you by the police free of charge in a kraft envelope. As a rule, you will need to produce photo ID.

The police do not charge a service fee for storage or shipping. However standard postage rates apply.


Copenhagen Police
1567 København V

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 09.00 am -14.00 pm

Phone hours: 
09.00 am - 11.00 am
phone no. 3874 8822