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Who can reserve items on cph.dk/shop?

Anyone travelling via Copenhagen Airport can order items on cph.dk/shop. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid travel document in the form of an airline ticket from Copenhagen Airport or other valid access authorisation to the airside area (the area beyond security) at Copenhagen Airport.

How do I shop at cph.dk/shop?

Step 1 – Find your items

The range of products available can be found on the front page of the cph.dk/shop, which gives you direct access to the various product categories. If you are looking for a specific item, please use the white search field on cph.dk/shop. Find out more about each item by clicking on the product image.

When you have found the desired item, click ‘Add to basket’. View your order by clicking ‘Shopping cart’ or ‘Checkout’. This also gives you the option of changing the number of items or removing items from your basket. Click ‘Update’ if you have deleted items or changed the number of items.


Step 2 – Ordering

When you have found the items you wish to order, click the shopping bag in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Checkout’.


Step 3 – Choosing your pickup point

If you are travelling within the EU, you can choose to collect your items on departure from or arrival into Copenhagen Airport. You must also specify the collection date, time and the TAX FREE shop from which you wish to pick up your items.

Please make sure you enter the correct date and time so that we can pack your order on time.


Step 4 – Customer information and membership

This part of the process requires new customers to fill in all designated fields.

If you have an account simply enter your telephone number and email address – and we’ll do the rest.

Then click ‘Submit order’.


Step 5 – Confirm your order and receipt

You must confirm your order before it is final. Remember to double-check that you have ordered the right items and entered the right flight.

Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive a printable on-screen receipt. We will also send you a receipt by email. It is therefore very important that you use the correct email address.

Please note: When you collect your items, please state your name, time of departure and order number.

What can I buy from cph.dk/shop?

cph.dk/shop offers a wide range of skincare products, perfumes, make-up, drinks, sweets, delicacies and accessories for men, women and children.

You always save 20% on skincare products, make-up and perfumes compared to the city price in Copenhagen.

When is the deadline for ordering before my departure?

You can pre-order your items up to nine hours before you want to collect them. When you have ordered your items, they will be packed and ready for collection at your selected TAX FREE shop at the airport.

Can I order online no matter which airline I fly with?

You can always order from cph.dk/shop and pick up your items at the airport, no matter which airline you are flying with. However, you must be flying either into or out of Copenhagen Airport.

What customer details should I bring to the airport to pick up my order?

When you collect your TAX FREE order, you need to state your name, time of departure and order number. It may therefore be a good idea to print out and bring along the receipt sent to you by email when you confirmed your order.

What happens if I order a sold-out item?

Please note that your order will only be packed less than 24 hours before you travel. If one of your ordered items is out of stock, you will be contacted by our staff.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you want to cancel or change your order, you can do so up to 24 hours before you travel. Advantage Members can change their orders by logging in using their email address and password. You received your password with your first order.

If you wish to make changes to your order less than 24 hours prior to collection, you must contact Heinemann directly. Heinemann can be contacted on  + 45 27 88 57 26 or by email: CPH-Preorder@heinemann-retail.dk.

If you have reserved items for pickup up at the airport, your pre-order is no-obligation, which means that you are not under obligation to purchase the items that you have ordered on cph.dk/shop. If you do not wish to purchase the items you have ordered, you can simply choose not to collect them.

When can I pick up my items?

When you order online, you can choose to collect your items before you go to the gate or when you return from your trip (if you are travelling within the EU). You choose the time and pickup point that suits you best.

Price guarantee

Save 20% on perfume and cosmetics

This price guarantee ensures that you can always buy perfume and cosmetics 20% cheaper than city prices in the TAX FREE stores - both online and offline. This applies to the categories Perfume, Makeup and Skin Care.

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