Rules for carry-on luggage

The carry-on luggage is the luggage you may carry on board the aircraft. Be aware that there are special rules for what to bring.

Your carry-on luggage must be checked in the security check as there are special rules for what you can bring on board the aircraft.

In order to get through the security check as quickly as possible, you should pack your carry-on luggage optimally.

At the top of the luggage, you should put all items that require separate display during the security check. It applies the following items:

  • Electrical items such as notebooks, tablets, camera and the like.
  • Liquids (must be gathered in a transparent and reclosable plastic bag). 

You may want to bring baby food, dietary and liquid medicine in containers that hold more than is normally allowed 100 ml (1 dl). However, you must be able to prove the fluid's authenticity.


If you have a lighter with, you must show it in the security check and then store it in your pocket. Only bring 1 lighter. Do not bring your lighter in carry-on luggage or in checked luggage as there is a risk of spontaneous combustion.

Information for US travellers

On flights from Copenhagen Airport to the US, there is an additional security check at the gate. Ensure all mobile/electronic devices have enough battery power to be turned on at security if requested.