Liquids in carry-on luggage

Fluids or liquid substances in your carry-on luggage must be carried in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml.

The definition of “liquid” includes:

  • water, fruit juice, cordial, soup and syrup;
  • perfume, after-shave lotion, eau de cologne and similar liquids;
  • semi-liquid or gel substances, such as shampoo and toothpaste;
  • oils and lotions, such as hand lotion or sunscreen;
  • contents of aerosol containers, such as deodorant, shaving foam and similar substances;
  • mixtures of solid and liquid substances, such as Nutella or Camembert.

You may bring more than one container of liquid but no more than it can fit in one reclosable plastic bag of max. 1 liter. You may only bring one of these bags per person.

There are free plastic bags on the packing tables at the entrance of the security check.

Baby food and medicine

If you have baby food, medicines, dietary foods or Tax-Free liquids exceeding 100 ml., it is allowed to bring these but they shall be protected. Tax-free liquids need to be in sealed bags from the airport or the carrier with a visible receipt of purchase.

You have to remove all these liquids from the bag and place them visible in the designated plastic box at the security checkpoint, so the security personnel can see them. You may find that the fluids are selected for additional security checks.

Transfer passengers arriving from outside of EU

If you arrive at Copenhagen Airport from a country outside of EU and have to continue travelling by airplane, you will have to go through the security check. Please note that the same limitations apply to liquids as any other departure from the airport.

Passengers in transit at the airport who have purchased liquids over 100 ml at either another airport or aboard an aircraft, must ensure that the liquids are sealed with the STEB (Security Tamper Evident Bag) and the receipt for the liquids visible in the bag.