About CPH profile

What is a CPH Profile?

With CPH Profile, you get a personal account that works across CPH’s various digital services, e.g. CPH.dk and in the CPH App. The data that you choose to provide to us and the data that CPH collects about you, e.g. in the form of order history, is composed of data from the cookies that CPH uses. In this way, CPH can e.g. make our offer to you more personal.

You must be at least 15 years old to create a CPH Profile.

Benefits of using CPH Profile

When you create a CPH Profile, you get the following benefits:

  • CPH Profile works across CPH's various digital services (CPH.dk and in the CPH App), and you therefore only need to create a login once, after which you can easily log in to CPH's other digital services, even if you have not used them. before.

This way you avoid having to provide the same information multiple times. For example, if you Once you have provided your contact information, that information will also be available for other or new CPH services where it is relevant to use this information.

  • CPH Profile allows you to create profiles in connection with your account, where you can specify your preferences and wishes for marketing, etc. That way, you can make sure that the marketing you receive is also the marketing that is most relevant to you.
  • You get a 20% discount on standard parking price at P4 and P12 in Copenhagen Airport when you book your parking online. Terms and condition apply.

CPH’s collection of information using CPH Profile

CPH Profile requires some minimum information. Without these, an account cannot be created.

When you use CPH's other or new digital services with CPH Profile, you may be asked to provide additional information that is necessary for you to access the service or CPH can provide a requested service / product. Age can also be an important piece of information if, for example. must be 15 years old to enter a competition.

CPH stores your personal information

In order to provide you with the best service and experience over time, CPH stores the information you provide in connection with your use of CPH Profile across CPH's digital services.

Data will usually be stored centrally in your account, but there may be some services where certain information is stored locally (eg in an app), and in these cases data will be deleted if you as a user delete the app.

If you actively delete your CPH Profile, all your personal data will be automatically deleted and CPH will not be able to access your data or recreate your profile.

CPH stores the following information

CPH stores the information that you provide when logging in to CPH's services.

CPH stores the information that you have provided in connection with login to CPH's services as well as usage data that is necessary for CPH to manage your account, e.g. date and time of last login and your verification of email address that we use if you have forgotten your password. In addition, CPH processes the information necessary to provide services and products.

You can read more about CPH's processing of personal data in connection with CPH Profile in our privacy policy.

You can view, edit and delete your personal data

With CPH Profile you have access to a personal profile page where you can:

  • Edit your personal data, including updating your contact information, etc.
  • Add additional information to your account
  • Access previous purchases and orders, including receipts, etc.
  • Create or delete profiles and preferences associated with your account
  • Delete data that you do not want CPH to be in possession of

Deleting certain data may mean that you as a user may find that at the next login in CPH's digital services you will be asked to submit data again.

Your personal profile page will also allow you to enrich your account with information that you have not chosen to provide when logging in to CPH Profile. You can thus at any time choose to go in and fill in the blanks that may be found on your CPH Profile.